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How to Set Up a Barcode System?

An efficient barcode system can help your retail business to run smoothly. With a barcode system, business owners can track products that are selling and at what rate, and manage inventory more efficiently. If you want to set up your own barcode system because you are overwhelmed with inventory, or you want to make better product ordering decisions, you should understand how your system will work (the concept of scanning in and scanning out to track inventory and sales) [...]

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Electronic Barcode Printer RP410

Product Features : 1. Label off intelligent function 2. Bad point detection 3. Fast printing, can finish one single label printing per second, save printing time greatly 4. Superior cooling performance, can deal with big workload printing 5. Re-printing function can effectively avoid losing label info or missing printing when lack of paper 6. After switch cover again, automatic positioning paper, which can effectively avoid printing dislocation, result in trouble and wasting label Parameters : 1. Paper cutting: support 2. Printing method: direct thermal printing 3. Printing width: 104mm 4. [...]