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There are a multitude of scanners that companies depend on for helping employees get tasks completed. From flatbed scanners, to sheet fed scanners, bar code scanners and others. They all serve an unique purpose. In today’s blog post we’re zoning in on barcode scanners. Barcode today is used in almost every industry, and they’re not just used the checkout counter at the mall. Think about hospitals, warehouses, supermarkets and airports. All these industries rely on barcode scanners in their everyday task to stay running efficiently and effectively.The Barcode was first used commercially in 1966. By 1974, the first U.P.C scanner was installed at a supermarket in Ohio. The first product to have a barcode was Wrigley’s Gum. Now in 2013, the food industry is not the only industry that uses barcodes. Others include: healthcare, transportation, manufacturing and industrial.ADVANTAGES OF BARCODE SCANNERS

Error Reduction. Using barcode scanners reduces rates of human error. When people are manually entering data, the possibility of errors is only part of human nature. The FDA reported that in the medical industry, over a nine-year period, barcoding reduced its medication error rate by 86 percent. Medical workers are able to scan barcodes to view the medications and doses patients need. This helps them administer the correct drugs.

Inventory Control. Barcode scanners help users keep track of inventory. Some allow users to set up alerts for items that are out of stock so orders can be filled promptly.

. Not only does it keep your inventory under control and organized, your time spent doing inventory checks are minimized. Since barcode scanners are quick and easy to use, the amount of time being saved continues to decline with each barcode release. The most recent barcode scanner is the Intermec CK3X Mobile Computer. This brand new barcode scanner is one of the fastest in the market. It has a very high motion tolerance that allows users to capture an accurate scan and quickly move onto a new task. This month we will be promoting the CK3X in our Facebook page and blog! So stay listening for any of the upcoming deals coming soon for this barcode scanner.


They Cost Money. As we mentioned in our last blog post, Document Scanning and Imaging Trends, companies are continuing to invest in scanners if the expense can be justified. Barcode scanners typically start at around $50 and can cost up to a couple hundred dollars but in almost every case, the investment is worth it! Companies that don’t have a lot of inventory to manage, may find it cheaper to not invest in barcode scanners and instead to employees manually enter information. However, having employees manually enter in information costs a lot of money in the long run. In the end, most companies find they simply connot afford to not have barcode scanners because manual work is about 10x less efficient than work with barcode scanners.

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